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Integrated imaging and pathology of the joints Volume 3
RADIOLOGIA Cod. iTunes978-88-97162-11-7
Edizione: Integrated imaging and pathology of the joints Volume 3
Formato: Apple Digital
Anno: 2012
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Lingua: English
ISBN: 978-88-97162-11-7

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It is a great honour for me to gather such an honourable presentation by Prof. Folco Rossi who represents a world-wide point of reference for the musculo-skeletal Diagnostic Imaging. Prof. Rossi was, and still is, the leading element of our very agreeing group, he surely is Master of Science and of Life for us all, but particularly for me. I owe a lot to many other valuable Masters who have educated me in my professional development.
The first of them all was my father Carlo, who was Chief Radiologist at the ‘mythic’ Orthopaedic Institute Rizzoli: he transmitted all the fundamentals of Radiology to me.
Attending the Rizzoli and the orthopaedic environment, lived by me in first person in the Emergency for about two years, I started to fall in love with the Diagnostic Imaging in the musculo-skeletal field.My grandfather Gian Giuseppe Palmieri must surely be quoted as one of the pioneers and founders of the Italian Radiology; he was Professor at the University of Bologna, midst the ‘ 30s and the 60s’, and honoured President of several World Societies of Radiology, but the Italian School of Radiology, particularly the one from Bologna, owes a lot to him. Another deep award is surely due to my Director of Specialization, prof. Alberto Corinaldesi, and to my dear friend and cousin Gian Carlo Palmieri, with whom I have collaborated for years. Finally, a great award is due to Prof. Turno Lubich who, thanks to his intuition, paved my way to the fascinating world of the Medicine of Sport. My personal interest towards this discipline can be dated back between the 70s and the 80s, when, just like a pioneer (I remember that there were Giuseppe Balconi and I in Italy and my dear friend Bruno Fornage in France), I started to do sonographic studies on corpses just to deepen the anatomy knowledge, with images born from the first manual compound machines. We started the first publications and in a short time a great interest in this field developed all over the country, this drove me to organize the National Congress of Musculo-Skeletal Sonography in 1985 joined by all the best Italian experts. In that period I was co-responsible of the service of Radiology at Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Reggio Emilia, and Director of the Sonography Department. In a short time I was asked by a lot of doctors who wanted to attend this Department, and I was practically obliged to found a specialised school. This was then recognized in 1985 by Prof. Ludovico Dalla Palma, who was President of The Italian Society of Radiology, included in the Italian Society of Ultrasonology in Medicine and Biology (S.I.U.M.B.). In the same year I was appointed by Prof. Turno Lubich (who was then Director of the Specializing School for the Sport Medicine) with a limited-time contract as University Professor as far as the sonographic diagnostic of the Musculo-Skeletal Apparatus was concerned and I was also given a specialistic consulting mandate (which I still owe today), in the same Institute. My interest for this special field grew bigger and bigger and in 1989, thanks to the key-support of Prof. Roberto Passarello, a Diagnostic Imaging section in the field of Sport Medicine was founded; this section gathered the ‘mythic’ Prof. Folco Rossi as President and Prof. Antonio Francone as Vice-President while Carlo Faletti. Fosco De Paulis, Ugo Albisinni and I were all Counsellors and Antonio Barile was its Secretary. In 1990, thanks to the traditional support of Prof. Turno Lubich, I was appointed as official sonographist for the Football World Championship ‘Italia 90’, an exalting experience. In 1992 I became Director of the Department of Diagnostic Imaging for the United Associated Hospitals Nigrisoli where I am still today. In the same year I founded the School of Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound as well, where I am still Director with my closest friend and most precious collaborator Paolo Minafra. In that period I started my scientific activity, during which I produced several books concerning musculo-skeletal sonography and integrated imaging. In this same period I began a continuous collaboration and a deep friendship with the group of American Radiologists joining The International ltrasonology Society ‘Musoc’, with particular reference to my dearest friends Tony Bouffard and Marnix Van Holsbeeck, directing radiologists at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where I attended a course with them.This rich collaboration allowed me to be a relater at several International Congresses, and in 2004 I was given the task and rewarded with the honour, to organize the World Congress of Musculo-Skeletal Sonography in Bologna. Another unforgettable experience was the participation to the Winter Olympic Games in Turin in 2006 and the Para Olympic Games at Sestiere, as a radiologist belonging to the staff led by my closest friend Carlo Faletti. In the last years I have been invited, trough the Esaote staff, to held several lectures concerning the use of the G-scan, the Magnetic Resonance making investigations of the spine and of the joints in clinostasis and orthostasis, in the most famous Universities all over the world e.g. China, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico and Spain. In the meanwhile my school has developed more and more, and to my great satisfaction, it has been chosen and introduced in the ESSR International Committee, in the world circuit of schools and courses concerning musculo-skeletal diagnostic. A recent and exciting experience was my participation to a Cadaver-lab at the Institute of Human Anatomy at the University of Graz, in Austria, together with my inseparable friend Paolo Minafra and my friend and orthopaedic Luigi Romano, thanks to whom we could make the anatomic compound you can find in the book.
I would like toefully thank Prof. Friederick Andehuber, the Director of this Institute who gave us the possibility of a privileged access to these courses. In the last years, and in this last period in particular, my profession as radiologist has been deeply enriched by the collaboration with my friend Claudio Tentoni, Director of the Specialization School of the Physical Science Faculty of the University in Bologna. This collaboration allowed me to develop several kinesiology studies applied to the diagnostic imaging, with particular reference to the M.R. in orthostatic phase (G-scan) and to the Elastosonography. The most recent step in my career is constituted by the nomination as Director Of the Medical Centre at the International motor-racing track of Imola where I give my assistance, together with my staff, to every national and international car or motor-race.
I would gladly thank my editor, Paolo Egipani, one of my closest friends, endowed with great professionalism, thanks to him I could produce my work.I have tried to explain so far to which great extent my enthusiasm for the musculo-skeletal diagnostic has got.
I wish I could convey all the experiences made in the course of my career trough this first volume of Technique and Anatomy Sonography and Integrated Imaging, which will be soon followed by a second one containing the pathology and I hope my work will provide some information for those who are going to approach and develop the sonographic method and the integrated imaging in the musculo-skeletal field.
Giuseppe Monetti

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